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TIES & SCARVES are the most exciting, colorful and noticeable element in your dress. The choice of a particular tie or scarf is central to your mood and the impression made upon others. Our 7-step cleaning and altering process transforms ties, too worn or dirty to wear, back to pristine condition. We also offer a complete custom option, providing you with bespoke neckwear that fits your exact needs.

During our 61 years of business, Tiecrafters has brought the art of tie and scarf care to an unparalleled level of excellence. To date, over 4 million ties have passed through the hands of our master craftsmen whose individual neckwear-specific experience, average 30 years apiece.

Our clientele includes former presidents and cabinet members, prime-time television personalities, major business leaders and well-dressed individuals around the world. Overnight carriers make business abroad as simple as New York.

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