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Tie and Scarf Care Specialists

70 Years & Over 4 Million Ties Later

World’s only tie and scarf care specialists since 1952.
We are the number one choice for cleaning ties and scarves,
alterations, repair and custom made ties.

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Tie and Scarf Care Specialists

Eventually, every tie and scarf, as result of repeated use, requires cleaning, pressing, repair, alterations or an adjustment to keep up with fashion. Do not waste your investment on expensive neckwear.

Classic Ties and Scarves Make Great Gifts
Repurpose Some of Your Favorites.

Custom Made ties

Throughout history, custom neckwear has been used for self-expression and societal identity. In this tradition, Tiecrafters offers the opportunity to create neckwear that is distinctly yours. Individuals choose artwork, fabric, length, thickness, width and layout. Our craftsmen will hand-make your ideas into neckwear.

New Life for Old Ties (Bow-Ties Too)

New York Times

The undisputed champions of
slimming and cleaning ties


Tiecrafters is one of our favorite
sources for custom accessories
for the groom

Martha Sterart Weddings

We Have Moved!!!

Our New Address is
1232 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10065
(At 65 street)