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Wholesale Shipping and Payment

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Who we are:

For over 70 years, Tiecrafters has been the world’s only tie and scarf care specialist. Silk is our specialty. Along with our nationwide personal clients,  we also extend our services to luxury boutiques and dry cleaners.

How we can help:

Expand your offerings and value. Offer high-quality necktie and silk scarf cleaning. As a dry cleaner or boutique, you will receive a professional discount. See our wholesale form for details.

Save time and money. Our wholesale mail order neckwear service offers a cost-effective solution for busy dry cleaners and boutiques who would like to provide top-notch care without sacrificing time or resources. Simply ship us the ties, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Services offered:

How to ship your order

Tiecrafters offers wholesale services for both dry cleaners and boutiques. Please call (212) 629-5800 for details.

  • UPS Shipping & Insurance 1 – 4 TIES  $ 13.00 (flat rate)
  • UPS Shipping & Insurance  5 OR MORE TIES $ 16.00 (flat rate)
  • Hand Delivery (in New York City only)  $ 13.00
  • Hand Pick-up & Delivery (in New York City only)  $ 28.00
  • International Return Shipping $48.00 (flat rate)

Payment Information

We accept personal or business checks. Orders are shipped upon receipt of payment. For prompt return, please enclose your payment with your order. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

*Orders containing 5 or more pieces include additional insurance. For additional insurance over the UPS standard of $100 on orders containing less than 5 pieces, call 212-629-5800.

**Convenience Mailer Service: Have a pre-addressed UPS shipping pack with pre-paid postage, sent to you for easy and convenient shipping.