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Tie Alterations

We understand that achieving the perfect fit and look is essential, which is why we specialize in expert tie alterations. Whether you’re in need of a classic adjustment or a complete tie transformation, our skilled tailors are here to ensure your ties reflect your unique style and personality.

At Tiecrafters, we take pride in our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and the artistry of tie alterations. Discover how we can elevate your tie game and leave a lasting impression with every knot.

Tie Alterations Pricing

All alterations are performed in-house.

  • Narrowing or reshaping $ 37.00
  • Shortening $ 37.00
  • Lengthening  $ 37.00
  • Relining $ 37.00
  • Widening $ 37.00
  • Add on cleaning for an additional $ 11.00

Ask about our unique tie alterations including turning ties into bowties and bows to pre-tied bows.

I think, over 30+ years, Tiecrafters has cleaned or altered 100 or more ties for me, each one has been cleaned or repaired, flawlessly; each time exceeding my expectations.

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Tie Tailoring Service

Found a tie you love, but it’s not the ideal shape? Or do you already have a tie that needs a refresh? That’s where Tiecrafters’ skilled artisans come in.

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, our tie alterations are entirely customized to your preferences. We meticulously adjust the length, width, and/or shape to achieve the perfect fit. From expensive neckwear to a vintage favorite, our team can help. Repairs too!

Innovative Repurposing

Want a fresh look without buying new, nice silk ties? Lean on us to transform your existing ties into entirely new styles.

Our innovative tie repurposing service can transform your existing ties into entirely new styles. Whether it’s converting a classic tie into a trendy skinny tie or creating a unique bow tie, we unleash our creativity to breathe new life into your collection. And learn about our professional cleaning services today.

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At Tiecrafters, we offer a comprehensive range of tie alterations to meet your specific needs. Our services include shortening (e.g. inch difference), lengthening, slimming, widening, etc. Whether you need a classic adjustment or a more complex transformation, our team is here to help. Avoid poor alterations and leave them to the experts at Tiecrafters.

Typically, the turnaround time for a simple tie alteration is a few business days.  However, alterations can vary depending on the complexity and our current workload. More intricate changes may take a little longer. Of course, we always do our best to accommodate your request. Big event coming up? Travel plans? Ask a team member for priority care such as 2-day shipping.

Yes, we have experience working with a wide variety of tie materials including silk, wool, and specialty fabrics. Our expert hand tailors understand each fabric’s unique characteristics and can perform quality tailoring while preserving the integrity and quality of your tie. Whether it’s a delicate silk tie or a textured wool one, our alterations process will leave your neckwear ready to impress.

Absolutely! We have many clients who ship their ties to us. They also ship ties in for our accessory dry cleaning services. Learn more about payment and shipping today.

In addition to tie altering, we also offer a laundry service for silk neckwear – ties and scarves. As a dry cleaning service provider with professional tailoring services, Tiecrafters is your one-stop shop for all your neckwear needs. Talk to a customer service member about our neckwear cleaning today. (Local and nationwide services with return shipping available.)