silk scarf cleaning

Tiecrafters is your go-to silk scarf cleaner and specialist.

We take the delicate art of silk scarf cleaning to a whole new level. As luxury textile experts, we understand the intricate care required to maintain the luster and softness of your favorite, exquisite accessories.

With our specialized expertise and advanced cleaning techniques, we believe in reviving the timeless elegance of your silk scarves. While we love all of our dry cleaning friends, there is something to be said about a silk tie or scarf specialist.

Specialized Care

  • Hand Rolled Hems. Hand rolling of delicate scarf hems.
  • Pleated Scarves. Restore ¼ “accordion pleats that have opened up or been pressed flat, or transform un-pleated scarves to pleated. This alteration is perfect for scarves with an imperfection that cannot be corrected.
  • Create One-of-a-Kind Neckwear / Accessories. Be creative – scarves can be handcrafted into many unique items. Such as ponchos, small pouches, handmade ties, bowties, cummerbunds, and suspenders. You can also add a cashmere or wool backing to an existing scarf.
  • Hand Spotting. Tiecrafters’ spotting experts identify stains and gently remove without disturbing your scarf’s fabric.
  • Hand Finishing. It is important that scarves are softly finished, maintaining the shape of delicate hems.

Why Choose Tiecrafters

Trust Tiecrafters to be your trusted partner in preserving your cherished silk scarves. We stand by our commitment to unparalleled quality and an attention to detail that is unsurpassed. We ensure that every accessory receives the utmost care and respect it deserves.

Find out why so many clients choose Tiecrafters for their tie and scarf care. If shipping, you will be pleased to know that we use specially made boxes that will protect your scarf during shipping.