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Classic Ties and Scarves Make Great Gifts, Repurpose Some of Your Favorites.

Tiecrafters’ scarf care specialists are the premier resource for specialty scarf cleaning preservation, pleating, hemming and customization of Hermes scarves and more. Our master craftsman will provide proper scarf care that brightens faded colors to their like-new condition.

Hand Rolled Hems

  • Hand rolling of delicate hems

Pleated Scarves

  • Restore ¼ “accordion pleats that have opened up or been pressed flat
  • Transform un-pleated scarves to pleated. This alteration is perfect for scarves with imperfection that cannot be corrected.
  • Be creative – Scarves can be handcrafted into many unique items. Such as ponchos, small pouches, twillys, just to name a few.

Create One-of-a-Kind Neckwear/Accessories

  • Transform scarves into handmade ties, bowties, cummerbunds and suspenders
  • Customize any scarf with cashmere or wool backing to maintain your style in any season

Hand Spotting

  • Spotting experts identify stains and gently remove them

Hand Finishing

  • Scarves are softly finished, maintaining the shape of delicate hems


  • Specially made boxes protect your scarf for shipping and storage

Many a scarf has been tarnished by a trip to the dry cleaner.  Allow Tiecrafters to re-furbish your scarves to their healthiest state or create custom pieces.  Feel free to contact us with customization inquiries.